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"Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary approach and means to enable the realization of successful system."(INCOSE)

Welcome to e-RATIONAL, the interactive platform designed by ASTER offering integrated solutions to support Systems Engineering through the MBSE Methodology and the use of IBM RATIONAL toolchains.[More… ]

An highly team of skilled Systems Engineers specialized in the SysML language and MBSE methodology in the Complex Systems sector, is at your disposal to define the engineering services package and related tools are able to satisfy your needs and to support you in the requirements management, design, analysis and systems verification and validation. Specific solutions will be proposed by our Team in the C4ISR Systems, Critical Infrastructure and Info-Telematics Systems for Transport areas.Benvenuto! e-RATIONAL è un’innovativa piattaforma Web realizzata da ASTER che offre soluzioni integrate basate su Toolchain IBM Rational e Servizi di Ingegneria ad esseo associabili. Con e-RATIONAL è possibile comporre una soluzione articolata in un insieme di Tools facenti parte del portafoglio IBM Rational e da una serie di servizi di ingegneria di supporto targati ASTER.

With e-RATIONAL it is possible to acquire information about MBSE solutions based on IBM Rational Toolchains and on ASTER specialized engineering services, and to send your tailor-made request for proposal through a simple and user-friendly procedure. Decide how to start... from an Existing Solution? or maybe you want to Build Your Own Solution? Make your CHOICE!